Frequently Asked Questions

For more assistance call 833-769-4257 from 11:00AM-7:00PM, Monday-Friday and 11:00AM-6:00PM, Saturday and Sunday.

If the customer care center is not open, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

What is your pickup service?

At myPicks, your order is delivered in temperature-controlled totes, to designated lockers outside of our stores. When you arrive during your designated window, you simply pull into the spot marked, "Pickup" and call the phone number on the sign. A store associate will come out immediately and put your groceries in your car for you, it's simple and easy!

What is Preferred Customer Contact Method?

When you sign up or sign in to myPicks, and are ready to place your order, you will be asked what your preferred contact method is. You can select whether you would like to receive SMS text alerts or emails. The emails or SMS texts alerts will inform you of the progress of your order, from creating your order and through the process until your order is ready for pickup.

How much does Big Y myPicks pickup cost?

Our online prices are exactly the same as our in-store prices and there is no fee to have your order shopped and ready for pickup. Additionally, you will have access to our great Big Y prices, as well as loaded myBigY offers and digital coupons. We do not accept tips.

What are your pickup times?

Orders can be placed in one hour intervals beginning at 11AM and ending at 7PM. If a time slot is not available, it means those have already been reserved by other customers.

How do I place an order for pickup?

Orders can now be placed directly on myPicks.bigy.com as soon as you sign in or sign up for a myBigY account. Once you have an account, load your digital coupons and myBigY offers before navigating to myPicks and start shopping! Once you have finished shopping, simply checkout with whatever method you choose, and click on ‘place order,’ after selecting a time slot and a day for pickup.

What products are not available for pickup?

The items below will not be available at this time:
  • Alcohol (exceptions apply, see below)
  • Pharmacy prescription
  • OTC drugs / products where ID is required
  • Catering
  • Market Café subs, pizza, hot & cold food bars
  • Special order products (e.g. custom cakes) 
  • Gift cards
  • Postage Stamps
  • Floral
 Alcohol is available in some of our Massachusetts store locations, but this is not available for order via our online ordering platform. Feel free to stop in one of our Big Y locations that is offering alcohol to purchase directly. In Massachusetts, the following Big Y locations sell alcohol – Cooley St., Springfield, Franklin, Great Barrington, Greenfield, Holden, Northampton, Norwell and Wilbraham.

Can I purchase alcohol for pickup?

Currently, we are not offering Alcohol pickup for myPicks, but hope to do so in the near future. Please feel free to pickup your alcohol products at our Massachusetts stores until we roll out alcohol pickup!

Where can I pickup my order?

You can pickup your order from the pickup location you selected and listed in the order confirmation. After you place the order, you will receive an order confirmation via text or email, whichever you prefer. You'll get another text or email listing the pickup information as well as pickup hours (if applicable).

What are your locations for pickup?

Currently, we offer pickup at these locations:


  • Chicopee, MA HUB - 650 Memorial Drive
  • East Longmeadow, MA - 441 North Main Street
  • Longmeadow, MA - 802 Williams Street
  • Ludlow, MA - 433 Center Street
  • South Hadley, MA - 44 Willimansett Street
  • Cooley St, Springfield, MA - 300 Cooley Street
  • W. Springfield, MA - 503 Memorial Ave
  • Westfield, MA - 475 East Main Street
  • Westfield, MA - 1 East Silver Street
  • Wilbraham, MA - 2035 Boston Road

What are the curbside pickup hours?

The typical curbside pickup hours are between 11AM and 7PM for our initial availability, but will be expanding to offer pickup as early as 9AM and as late as 9PM! Available pickup windows can be viewed when “Pickup” is the selected shopping method. Pickup time can be changed by clicking on the top left location icon and then clicking “View Timeslots.”
We will be closed for Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas.

How far in advance can I place my order for pickup? What is the curbside pickup window?

Orders can be placed up to 4 days in advance and can be placed in one hour intervals beginning at 11AM and ending at 7PM.

What if I can’t make my pickup time?

Once you receive notification your order is ready for pickup, it can be picked up any time within the one hour window on the day you scheduled it for pickup. Pickup orders are kept in designated lockers to keep your groceries as fresh as possible. If you are going to be late, please call 833-769-4257 and our customer service representatives will get in touch with staff to either hold your order, or bring it back to our store.