Pods 3in1 Spring Meadow, 20 Count

15 OZ
$6.99 each
Formula Contains: Cleaning Agents (MEA-Las; MEA C12-15 Alkyl Ether Sulfate; C10-16 Pareth, Solvents (Propylene Glycol; Glycerin), Suds Reducers (MEA Salts of C12-18 Fatty Acids; Phenylpropyl Ethyl Methicone; Simethicone; Trimethylsiloxysilicate), Cleaning Aids (Polyethyleneimine Alkoxylated; Pentasodium Penetate), Soil Release Polymer (PEG-136 Polyvinyl Alcohol), Water Softener (MEA-Citrate), Stabilizers (Sodium Bisulfite; Hydrogenated Castor Oil; Calcium Formate, Whitening Agent (Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate), Odor Remover (Methyl Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate), Enzymes (Subtilisin; Amylase Enzyme; Mannanase Enzyme, Aesthetics (Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer), Bittering Agent (Denatonium Benzoate), Film (Polyvinyl Alcohol Polymer), Colorants, Fragrances, Water.
Add pacs to drum before clothes. Small/medium: 1 pac. Large/X-Large: 2 pacs. XX-Large: 3 pacs. Close package after use. Always handle with dry hands. Child-Guard Zipper: 1. Align to notch. 2. Push down and slide to open. If zipper does not close, press both sides firmly until it clicks.