Scrubbing Bubbles

Cling Toilet Gel Stamps Rainshower, 6 Count

1.34 OZ
$5.49 each
Water, Cleaning Agents, Emulsifiers, Fragrance, Dye.
Directions: Apply to a clean toilet. 1. Snap: Slide the two pieces together so that the button on the gel tube snaps into the first hole on the blue applicator. 2. Place: Remove cap and position end of gel tube near the rim on inside of bowl. 3. Push: Press and hold button down while pushing unit towards the bowl. When button clicks into the next whole, pull unit back to leave a gel stamp. 4. Cap: Replace cap securely and store. 5. Refill: After dispensing the last gel stamp, remove from applicator. Keep applicator for refill. Retain this card for full use and safety instructions.