Scrubbing Bubbles

Fresh Brush Flushable Refills

10 CT
$4.99 each
Scrubbing Pad, Water, Cleaning Agents, Fragrance, Dye.
(1) Break off pad: Open pouch by cutting at dotted line. Break off one pad. (2) Insert pad: Slide blue button on fresh brush handle away from you to open the jaws fully. Line jaws up with a pad, grasp the pad, then slide button toward you until you hear a click. (3) To clean: Immerse pad in water and swish to activate cleaner. Scrub bowl, including under the rim. (4) Dispose: Slide blue button away from you to release pad into toilet. Flush the dirty pad away! Flushable and septic-safe: Cleaning pads break up like toilet paper during flushing, so they are safe for your plumbing and septic system. Fresh brush pad. Toilet paper. Note: Any toilet and drain line can clog if overloaded with bulk waste. For best results, flush only one pad at a time and separately from other tissue or wipe. Store handle and unused pads in a dry place. Reuse the handle with a clean flushable pad.