Weekly Shower Cleaner Spray

64 OZ
$17.99 each
Active Ingredient: Non-Ionic and Cationic Surfactants.
Directions for Weekly Use: After showering, spray Wet & Forget Shower on all fixtures, shower curtains, enclosures, shower glass, tiles and tubs. Then simply rinse surfaces before or during your next shower. Helpful Hints: For best results clean calcium deposits prior to using this product. Tough jobs may require a wipe down for immediate results. For persistent mold and mildew stains we recommend: Wet & Forget Indoor Mold + Mildew Disinfectant Cleaner. To Attach Sprayer: 1. Remove sticker. Open flip cap. 2. Hose is coiled inside trigger body! Pull out to full extension (approx 3 ft). 3. Firmly insert hose tip. Note: After each use, turn sprayer nozzle to OFF position. Once trigger is connected store and transport in upright position to avoid leakage through breather hole.