Single Firelog

1 CT
$4.99 each
Read instructions before use. Lighting Instructions: 1. Carefully pull outward on the seam of the wrapper (without tearing) to loosen it from the log and create an air space. 2. Place fire log (only one) on supporting grate with arrows pointing down and seam facing room. 3. Light the seam below each arrow. Close fireplace screen. If your fireplace is functioning properly, emissions of this fire log should be vented outdoors where they dissipate in the air. A properly installed and maintained fireplace and chimney will substantially reduce the possibility of combustion by-products entering your home. If you suspect that your unit is not functioning properly, a qualified contractor should be consulted. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that your fireplace and chimney be inspected annually. For a list of CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps in your area visit www.csia.org/duraflame. Safety Instructions: For a safe and long-burning fire, follow instructions carefully. Open fireplace damper before lighting fire log. Burn fire log on supporting grate toward the back of fireplace. Grates with bar spacing greater than three inches do not provide adequate support and may result in fire log breakage, flare-up, and/or reduced burn time. Do not burn fire logs on andirons. Burn only one fire log at a time, and never add anything to an existing fire log fire. Do not burn fire log with any other materials. Close wire mesh protective fire screen when burning fire log. Always leave fireplace glass doors open while fire log is burning unless fireplace manufacturer's instructions indicate otherwise. Never leave any fire unattended. Do not allow children or pets to play near fire. Always make sure the log is completely extinguished (no flame or smoke) before leaving the house or going to bed. Logs that are not completely extinguished can produce smoke after the flames go out. Carefully break up the fire log with a fireplace poker at the very end of the burn when a small flame is still present. This should allow any remaining log material to burn out. Store out of reach from children and pets. Not suitable for human or animal consumption.