Advanced Gel with Brush

8.7 OZ
$3.49 each
Water, Isotridecanol Ethoxylated 5eo; Sodium C10-16 Alkylbenzenesulfonate; Citric Acid; Sodium Hydroxide; Sodium Borate; Sodium Polyacrylate; Fragrances; Sorbitol; Bensisothiazolinone; Protease Enzyme; Prctate Lyase Enzyme; Conrtains Fragrance Allergens.
Directions: 1. Squeeze Shout gel onto stain. 2. Use brush to rub gel into fabric. 3. Wait 1-5 minutes depending on severity of stain. 4. Launder with regular detergent in warmest water fabric will accept. Tips: Use the built-in, fabric-safe brush to work the gel deep into fibers. Apply as soon as possible after stain occurs. Treat stains up to a week before washing. DO not pre-treat bright or khaki colors more than few minutes before laundering. Stains like rust, bleach damage, dried paint, ink, or dyes may be impossible ro remove do not treat garment while wearing. Contains no phosphorus.