Laundry Stain Fighter & Booster, 2in1 Stain Fighter Power Paks, 10 Paks

8.8 OZ
$4.39 each
For laundry use only. Always follow manufacturer's guidelines for the item being cleaned. Pre-Soak: Pre-soak to remove extra tough stains and bring whites & colors to life! 1. Add 1 Power Pak to 1 gallon of the warmest water allowable for your fabric (see garment care instructions). Do not open paks. 2. Mix well to dissolve the pak and add item. 3. Soak 1-6 hours, rinse thoroughly or wash. In Every Load: For cleaner, whiter, brighter laundry in every load: Add 1 Power Pak and detergent while filling the washing machine. For high efficiency (HE) machines, place 1 pak directly into the drum, then add laundry. Some really tough stains may require 2 paks for best results. Safe for all loads. Smart Tips: Tips for Best Results: 1. Do not unwrap or cut open paks. Paks will dissolve quickly on contact with water. 2. Keep bag closed between uses. 3. Handle paks with dry hands. 4. Do not use for handwashing or pre-treating.