Magic Dishwasher Citrus Cleaner

12 OZ
$4.39 each
Active Ingredients Citric Acid (25.0%), Other Ingredients: (75.0%), Total: (100.0%).
Directions for use (Effective Disinfectant: Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner is a limited disinfectant against gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli (ATCC 11229) and Salmonella enterica (ATCC 10708)): It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Please read instructions carefully before using: Use with empty dishwasher. Do not use with dishwasher detergent. 1. Remove cap. Do not remove wax plug. 2. Place bottle upside down inside the silverware basket or in a secure position in the bottom rack. 3. Close dishwasher. Run machine on hottest cycle (Do not use eco or quick cycles). Note: Water must be as hot as possible to melt wax plug. For best results, run faucet nearest dishwasher until hot before use. For heavy build-up, a second application of Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner may be required. Use monthly or as needed. Storage/Disposal: Store unopened package in a cool, dry place in areas inaccessible to small children. Non-refillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container.