Scrubbing Bubbles

Fresh Brush Max Refills

8 CT
$4.99 each
Heavy Duty Ingredients: Scrubbing Pad, Water, Cleaning Agents, Fragrance, Dye, SCJ Formula 35 23545.
Touch-free! Just Grab & Go! Conveniently stacked pads are easy to grab with the durable 19 inch Fresh Brush. Handle To Grasp Pad: 1. Slide blue button on Fresh Brush handle away from you to fully open the jaws. Line jaws up with a pad in the sleeve, then slide button toward you until you hear a click. To Clean: 2. Immerse pad in water to activate cleaner. Scrub bowl, including under the rim. To Dispose: 3. Press water out from pad on side of bowl and dispose of pad after single use. 4. Release pad into trash by sliding blue button away from you. Do not flush pad in toilet-pad will clog drain.