Tornado Mop

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$16.99 each
Instructions: 1. Soak mop in water before twisting. 2. Pull wringer grip back over ratchet, up toward handle grip. 3. Twist wringer grip to your left to wring out water. 4. Push wringer grip down past ratchet and twist to your right. You are ready to mop! Use & Care: Machine wash warm in mesh bag or hand wash. Hang to dry. To Replace Mop Head: 1. Separate cotton strands and pull plastic tab (A) out from handle. Do not discard plastic tab. 2. Pull white connector (B) out of handle. 3. Pull mop head with wringer (C) off handle. 4. Remove wringer handle (C) from mop head and save. Reverse order from above sequence to install mop head.