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High Hopes - a Brand that Makes Donations to Local Shelters and Rescues

Reveal - Grain Free Cat Food

Pet Naturals - Veterinary Formulated Treats



Pet Naturals Superfood Treats

8.5 oz Pouch, Select Varieties

Reveal Grain Free Cat Food

2.12 to 2.47 oz, Select Varieties

High Hopes Dog Treats

5.75 to 11 oz, Select Varieties





Noodles: From Shelter Dog to Wonder Dog

At 7 months old, Noodlles was adopted from the Anti-Cruelty Society. He wasn’t a cute little puppy, he was 100% mutt, and he was completely untrained. But thanks to an irresistbly intelligent face, he was adopted…and little did his new family know that they adopted a wonder dog that would change their life and the lives of others in their community.



Trick or Treat: Halloween Costumes are for Dogs, too!

Whether it’s for Instagrammable moments or just plain fun, it’s time to make (or order) that Superdog cape or tiny tie-dyed shirt and ponder the idea of entering the frenzy. There was a time in my life when I may have poo-pooed (no pun intended) the idea of dressing up animals for fun. Not anymore and I’m not alone. The Guardian reports dog owners in the U.S. are estimated to spend $350 million (million!) each year on dressing up their furry friends. Why would we do this? Is it strictly for our own enjoyment or do the dogs truly dig it too? Since our pups can’t speak, we can only observe and guess based on their reactions and behavior.



How to Boost Your Cat Hydration

The need for cats to drink as much water as possible cannot be emphasised enough. There are many common myths that cats love to only drink milk, however, this is not accurate and despite popular belief, milk is not good for cats. Good cat hydration is very important so it is vital that they drink as much water as possible. Read on for more information on how to boost your cat’s hydration levels.



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