Green Giant

Zucchini Spirals

12 OZ
$4.59 each
Must cook thoroughly. See cook instructions. Directions: For food safety and quality, follow the directions. Before eating, cook thoroughly to at least 165% degrees F. Keep frozen until ready to cook. Do not thaw. Refrigerate leftovers. Microwave: Place unopened bag, standing up, on a microwave-safe dish in center of microwave. Microwave on high for 6-7 minutes (Microwave directions developed with 1000-watt ovens. Microwaves vary, for 700-watt microwave increase cook time to 8-10 minutes). Gently tear open bag, drain excess water and serve. Caution: Bag will be hot. Avoid steam/hot water in bag. Drain any excess water in streamer. Stove Top-Skillet: Place contents of bag into a preheated nonstick skillet and cover with lid. Cook over medium-high heat to steam for 10-11 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain any excess water. Optional: FInish sauteing with olive oil. Keep frozen.