FAQ-Coupons and Flyers

For more assistance call 833-769-4257 from 11:00AM-6:00PM, Monday-Sunday.

If the customer care center is not open, please leave a message and we will get back to you.



Can you tell me about promotions?

Online promotions are available on the myPicks site. You can also load myBigY offers and digital coupons in your myBigY account on bigy.com or via the myBigY app and then use them to shop on myPicks. Load all digital coupons, myBigY Offers and other discounts to your myBigY account before you start to shop.

We will have special online offers available for you on myPicks!

  $20 off of $60

myPicks will be running several promotions for our new and existing customers. One of these is a $20 dollars off of your first $60 or more order. We will take off $20 dollars if your basket has $60 or more worth of product, as a ‘thank you’ for using our myPicks service. This will be deducted at the time of checkout. We hope you enjoy these great savings and our myPicks service.


How do I load a myBigY offer or digital coupon?

Loading myBigY offers or digital coupons is easy. Simply load in your myBigY account on bigy.com or the myBigY app before you shop myPicks. As soon as you add that particular product to your cart, your myBigY offer or digital coupon will be activated and you will see this in your checkout.


Can I use digital coupons or myBigY Offers when placing an online order for pickup?

Yes. As long as you are signed in with your myBigY account on myPicks when you are placing your order, you can use your redeem digital savings. Please sign in with your myBig Y account or sign up and create an account. Then load your digital coupons and navigate over to myPicks and begin shopping. All of the digital savings you loaded will be used as long as you purchased the products on sale!


Can I use paper coupons when placing an online order for pickup?

Unfortunately, at this time, myPicks does not accept paper coupons, but we certainly accept them in the store! As long as you are signed in with your myBigY account on myPicks, you can take advantage of myBigY Offers and digital coupons.


How Can I Get My Fuel Rewards? When do I get my Fuel Rewards?

Your fuel rewards will be added to your Big Y Membership the very next day after you receive your order. Enjoy!