Organic Vegetable Soup

16 OZ
$5.79 each
Water Tomatoes (Organic Ingredient), Green Beans (Organic Ingredient), Zucchini (Organic Ingredient), Cauliflower (Organic Ingredient), Red Bell Peppers (Organic Ingredient), Onions (Organic Ingredient), Pearled Barley (Organic Ingredient), Kale (Organic Ingredient), Contains 2% or less of: Roasted Tomato Flavor (Organic Ingredient), (Tomato Puree [Organic Ingredient]), [Tomato Paste (Organic Ingredient), Water], Sea Salt, Molasses (Organic Ingredient), Soy Sauce (Organic Ingredient),[Water, Soybeans (Organic Ingredient), Salt], Onion Powder (Organic Ingredient), Natural Flavor, Yeast Extract, Garlic Powder (Organic Ingredient), Natural Flavor (Organic Ingredient), Canola oil (Organic Ingredient), Spice (Organic Ingredient)], Lemon Juice (Organic Ingredient), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic Ingredient), Garlic (Organic Ingredient), Sugar (Organic Ingredient), Corn Starch (Organic Ingredient), Cultured Dextrose (Organic Ingredient), Sea Salt and Basil (Organic Ingredient).
Heating Instructions: Stove Top: Remove lid & film. Pour soup into sauce pan. Heat thoroughly (165 degrees F). Do not boil. Microwave: Remove lid & film. Place cup on microwave-safe plate, cover loosely. Heat on high 3-4 minutes (times may vary) until hot (165 degrees F), stir halfway through. Let stand 1 minute in microwave. Carefully remove by the plate. Caution! Soup & container will be very hot. Keep refrigerated.