Stonyfield Farm

Organic Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

32 OZ
$4.49 each
Our Recipe: Cultured Pasteurized Organic Whole Milk, Pectin, Vitamin D3, 6 Live Active Cultures: S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium Bb-12, L. Acidophilus, L, Paracasei and L, Rhamnosus.
Make it better with yogurt. Add probiotics to your overnight oats. Mix yogurt with fruit, oatmeal, and a dash of cinnamon. Mix with your favorite herbs & spices for a tenderizing marinade. Use a dollop of yogurt in place of sour cream on your favorite dishes to save calories. Swap for mayonnaise in chicken, potato, or pasta salad for a delicious tang with fewer calories. Keep refrigerated.